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Bringing your Azure Service Management VMs (IaaS V1) to Azure Resource Management (IaaS V2)

We have released a tool to clone your VMs from ASM stack to ARM stack during the summer. The tool had a dependency on the previous versions of Azure PowerShell module. With the release of the new PS module, we updated the tool to take advantage of the latest release. Please check it at:

Mixing Azure Resource Management and Service Management Modes in a PowerShell Script

Suppose you need to come up with a script that does work both on Azure Service Management (ASM) and Azure Resource Management (ARM) stacks, however, in Azure PowerShell module, they seem to be exclusive, all of the tutorials say you need to issue View the code on Gist. to switch, and there are name clashes […]

Azure ARM Templates Tips and Tricks 3: Use complex objects to group related values together

As a natural consequence of nested templates, you will see passing parameter values down the line to the other templates is inevitable. So, instead of passing the related values as separate parameters, group them in a complex object once and pass them using the complex object. Example from the azuredeploy.json template, variables section: View the […]

Azure ARM Templates Tips and Tricks 2: Use “Microsoft.Resources/deployments” resource type to create template hierarchies by nesting them

Dividing templates up to small templates has many advantages, such as: Reuse, reference common resource templates from parent templates Unit testing, divide smaller deployments, and test those small deployments independently. So you do not have to wait the whole template to finish, just to see a failure on a different part Maintenance & management of […]