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Updates to Cloud Ninja Metering Block

After releasing the Cloud Ninja Metering Block ( a lot of new changes to the various technologies surfaced, and we decided to upgrade the block to incorporate these changes. Following is a list of updates we brought into the block with this release. 1. Source code availability. You can find the first version of the […]

Why Anybody Wants to Meter a Multitenant Application?

I remember the times when I started to work for my first job at a big company. It was a large multinational telecommunications company, and one of the earliest concepts I have ever learned was “metering”. Up to that time, I was assuming everything one measures on a telephone switch is all about charging customers, […]

Implementing a Custom Provider for Cloud Ninja Metering Block

In this post, I will explore how to create a new provider and plug it into to the CNMB framework. One of the requirements for your application could be to count the number of rows on a table per tenant periodically, and save that for future use, say to understand the heaviest users of the […]

Metering Block Internals

Greetings all. In this post I want to get a little bit deeper into the block’s data collection components’ implementation. At the core of the metering block are two main concepts, the TickTock component and the providers. The TickTock component is a concept we borrowed from the Patterns and Practices Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Integration […]

Configuring Cloud Ninja Metering Block

Greetings to all. We have recently published yet another exciting project to the Azure community at at the end of the previous month. We will try to add more details on its usage as we find time here on our blog. This post’s topic is on configuring the block host. The first decision is […]