Organizational Authentication without a SQL Dependency

If you’ve created a web site that uses Organizational Accounts for authenticating users in Azure Active Directory, you may have also noticed the SQL Database that the ASP.NET project template adds to your project.   If your project needs a SQL database already, then using it store some additional information needed for authentication is no big […]

Format Data Disks with Azure VM Custom Script Extension for Linux

There is often a need to add data disks to your virtual machines in Microsoft Azure to store… well data, and a lot of good reasons to place data on a separate data disk. Adding data disks is a pretty easy and straight forward process, and for more information about Azure disks and images see the […]

SLAB Event Entries in Visual Studio Debug Output

When debugging your application it’s often nice to write trace output to the Visual Studio debug window.  The Semantic Logging Application Block (SLAB) does not come with a debug sink, but a console sink is available and these entries can easily be redirected to the debug output. 1. Create a type derived from StringWriter 2. Pass an instance […]

Microsoft Azure Websites WebJob in Java

Support for Java was recently added to Microsoft Azure Web Sites, and we can now provision and deploy our Java web sites here.  Fantastic!  Now enter WebJobs for running background tasks in Microsoft Azure Web Sites.  There are some great posts, documentation, and samples for WebJobs implemented in .NET or using one of the other script types […]

Deploying Out of Process Service for Semantic Logging Application Block to Windows Azure using plugins

DISCLAIMER: Microsoft has not published the documentation on how plug-ins in Azure SDK work (such as Diagnostics, Remote desktop etc.) This sample is provided as is, and based on my observations. Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team had released the Semantic Application Block with Enterprise Library 6 release (can be downloaded from here It is […]

Updates to Cloud Ninja Metering Block

After releasing the Cloud Ninja Metering Block ( a lot of new changes to the various technologies surfaced, and we decided to upgrade the block to incorporate these changes. Following is a list of updates we brought into the block with this release. 1. Source code availability. You can find the first version of the […]

Vote on Cloud Patterns for Windows Azure

Get out and vote on Cloud Patterns for Windows Azure, and if you cannot find one that you feel should be there you can always suggest something with a write-in vote. The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team is working hard to deliver some more great cloud guidance and this is your opportunity to be heard by voting up […]