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Azure PowerShell 1.0 Login-AzureRMAccount

Ever wondered what is the difference between Login-AzureRMAccount that got introduced with Azure PowerShell 1.0, and Add-AzureRMAccount? “Login-AzureRMAccount” is an alias for “Add-AzureRMAccount”. Please see it in the source code

Or with get-alias -Name Login-AzureRMAccount | Format-List -Property *    

Deploying an Active Directory Forest on an Azure VM and adding Member VMs on the same Cloud service

The first time you add a new VM to a cloud service with the following Powershell cmdlet, all seems to be OK, New-AzureVM –ServiceName “MyService” –AffinityGroup “MyAffinity” –VNetName “MyVnet” –DnsSettings @(“”) -WaitForBoot But for the subsequent VMs, if you add the DnsSettings, thinking, “sweet, I can specify the DNS addresses as I provision a new […]

Modify the cscfg File While Deploying a Cloud Service with PowerShell

Often times you want to modify the contents of the configuration file to change a storage account connection string, value of a setting, or the thumbprint of a certificate. To make this easier we came up with the following PowerShell function. Enjoy. Connection stringChange-Csfg -fileName c:\temp\mycscfg.cscfg -connString “connectionStringName” -UseSsl $true -AccountName “accountName” -AccountKey “acountKey” Certificate […]