Updates to Cloud Ninja Metering Block

After releasing the Cloud Ninja Metering Block (https://cnmb.codeplex.com/) a lot of new changes to the various technologies surfaced, and we decided to upgrade the block to incorporate these changes. Following is a list of updates we brought into the block with this release.

1. Source code availability. You can find the first version of the block as a downloadable zip file on the” downloads” section. However we decided to publish the code directly on the Codeplex TFS. The latest version is now available on the “Source code” tab.

2. Azure Storage API. Block is now using Storage Client Api 2.1.03

3. Async/await. The block is utilizing async/await pattern as appropriate.

4. HMAC. Updated and simplified HMAC implementation for the ODATA API operations

5. ODATA. Moved ODATA service from WCF data services to Web API

6. Data access. Removed EF dependency, using Dapper.net instead.

7. Extended Dapper for async/await. The solution is dependent on an offline copy of the dapper framework, extended for async/await support.

8. Azure SDK 2.2 support. Updated the cloud projects to use Azure SDK 2.2.

9. Updated repository and client implementations. Updated the metering repository, data repository and their respective clients to provide a clean separation, with async/await support.

10. Unity 3.0. upgrade.

11. DDL. Stored procedure for upsert

12. Updated entity classes. Refactored and streamlined after EF dependency removal

13. Upgrade to Enterprise Library Transient Fault Handling block. Removedconfiguration and added code based setup.

14. Updates on the client side to support new ODATA JSON output.

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